• Adebayo Unuigbe Close (Behind CBN Office), Alagbaka, G.R.A. Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
  • primary@impactschoolsng.org, impactschoolsng@gmail.com, impactschools@yahoo.com

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Impact International School is a great institution with the vision of providing all-round foundational education of world class standard, balance enough to equip children for the present and the future, in a disciplined and intellectually stimulating environment..(Psalm 11:3, Isiah 58:12)

Mission Statement

  • Identifying what is right, doing what is right, doing it correctly, doing it at the time
  • Giving quality education for the total development of pupils/students without compromise
  • Encouraging self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity and all around excellence
  • Developing sterling character in an atmosphere conducive for learning and self-development